Kids will have a ball…sharing Jesus’ love.Operation Kid-To-Kid

This year’s Operation Kid-to-Kid program lets your kids send soccer balls to children who can’t afford a soccer ball of their own. Your kids will touch, pray over, and personalize GO Balls that will then be delivered to a local organization that accepts donations for kids. It’s a hands-on project…and it changes kids: those who receive the balls, and the kids who send them.

Your entire parish can take part—make it a special project! Operation Kid-to-Kid is a great project for…

• Your parish’s sister diocese in another country
• Religious education classes of all ages
• Youth groups
• Women’s groups who love children

At the end of your Power Lab VBS, you will collect the GO Balls from all of the crews during the finale. Your parish can incorporate a prayer service
and bless the Operation Kid-to-Kid GO Balls at the end.

Why Soccer Balls?

Operation Kid-to-Kid is designed to reach children on both ends of the GO Ball with the Gospel—the children who receive the ball, and your children.

The GO Ball can go anywhere, and is perfect for any organization that accepts donations for kids. This could be the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, a diocesan organization, an after-school program, a foster care agency, a social service agency, a homeless shelter, a program for women and children, or a national group— anywhere there are children in need.